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Did you skip feedback at your latest talk?

Recent study: Audiences like speakers who ask for feedback.

What is SpeakerScore?

I always open my pitch to a conference organizer by referring to my SpeakerScore.

Ole Bach Andersen — Professionel speaker — Newsperience.dk

What is it?

Get easy feedback

What if the feedback from every speaking job you ever did could be collected online — minutes after your talk — stored in one place, analyzed, and shared?
That’s what SpeakerScore is about.

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Created by professionels

A new standard is born

SpeakerScore offers a revolutionary solution for public speakers around the world. Finally, there is a quick, easy way to get immediate feedback on your talks without sifting through piles of paper or tediously inputting data into a spreadsheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are more common than others - we have compiled them here along with their answers.

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