Alison Weihe
Are you on a journey to actualise your highest self in your work, relationships, health and creativity?

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Hi, I'm Alison.
A little of my story.

I am a transformational and leadership coach, entrepreneur, integrated living ambassador, speaker and writer who has a passion for helping people uncover their courage and their purpose; to live their best life.
I am not a “Speaker”, I am a Truth-Teller. Merely my Truth. I would never be that arrogant to call it The Truth. Because we are all products of our culturescapes. I only talk about my embodied experiences. I craft stories that have meaning and resonance because that is where I have found the deepest meaning in my life.

I share my journey, on stage and in my writing, so that you can be inspired.So that you can heal. So that you can step into the light of who you were truly meant to be. Without limiting beliefs, with less crippling fear, or utterly numbed by the fear of your own unprecedented power.

I have lived an interesting life. From working in the poorest townships in Cape Town to the wealthiest suburbs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have been a Sociologist (and still am at heart) a Political Activist, a Journalist, a Media Organiser and Designer, a Change Management Consultant, and now an Entrepreneur for 22 years. I am what Seth Godin calls a “Bootstrapper Entrepreneur”, building up a company from a field in Amalgam to an award-winning company featuring in entrepreneurial magazines, on radio and on television.

I have undergone a massive personal transformation. From a stressed, introverted, complex, much heavier bloated workaholic, to an athletic Ambassador for Integrated Living.

I have walked the road less travelled. It has taken me to different culturescapes, to cross continents, to understand our common humanity.

I have walked my own Camino of the Soul.

I have been inspired, humbled and forever altered by Global Speakers and Thought Leaders on the Mind Valley Stage. They gave me the courage to step onto my own stage – the Stage of Life – and share my journey to wholeness.

I am a Curious Explorer of “Conscious Entrepreneurship” and what I call “Identity Intelligence”.

I am known as “The Re-invention Revolutionary”. But to you, I’m just Alison…someone who can untether your untapped potential and help you unleash your magnificence into the world.

As an active member of the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa), I have a deep desire to assist young entrepreneurs to develop their voices as thought leaders and game- changers.

My keynotes focus on:
Entrepreneurship, Self-Mastery, The Power of Personal Branding and Visual Story-telling.

I continue to write and speak on issues that challenge us to create a world of greater understanding, a kinder and more compassionate place.
South Africa
Testimonials from the audience
Thank you so much for sharing your purpose business. I know I have great work still ahead of me to build my true USP.
8 months ago at "Passion and purpose precedes profit"
Wow Alison, what a great talk this evening - I was blown away. You captivated us and we were drawn in to a point that we forgot about everything else around us. Loved your story - keep doing what you are doing because it is working.
8 months ago at "Passion and purpose precedes profit"