Annabelle "Bee" Baumann
Speaker, Humorist, Communication Trainer

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Annabelle (Bee) Baumann is a certified Intercultural Trainer, Moderator, and Speaker. She has worked as a blended learning Business English trainer in Germany since 2005. She published her first humorous self-help book “Gurrl, You Ain’t Crazy” in 2020 and has published a dozen literary short stories and essays. As a courageous Stand-up comedian and Humorist, she explores German society, African American culture and belonging. A Communication Trainer since 2019, she has designed a system to educate emerging leaders about strategic communication and intercultural balance. Through humor and creativity, she shows clients how to have difficult conversations, negotiate, and understand what others may be communicating using the four-sides model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun and a framework she developed termed H.I.V.E, honest, insightful, valuable engagement. She interacts with a dynamic speaking presence sharing stories of diverse personalities and communication styles from around the world while sharing her unique perspective.