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By Anders Colding-Jørgensen


If you want your speakers to develop and adapt to different audiences, you need to offer them audience feedback.
All speakers need feedback to improve!

Speakers should be able to see how they really did at a talk – and learn more about their impact on an audience. Audience feedback is also a good discussion starter when you meet with your speakers.

Get a better overview of speaker performance

We offer a simple way to offer audience feedback to your speakers. But you can also use the audience feedback, to find out who your stronger and weaker speakers are. And read all feedback and scores from the talks that are scored with SpeakerScore.

Share SpeakerScore with conference organizers

Every time your conference clients use SpeakerScore on their speakers, you get access to feedback for your speaker(s). So share this page with your next conference client and get them so use SpeakerScore on their next conference.

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