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By Anders Colding-Jørgensen


Everyone needs feedback on their work  - and public speakers are no exception.
Everyone needs feedback on their work - and public speakers are no exception.
Unfortunately, the feedback you get as a speaker, is very often of a very mixed quality. SpeakerScore helps you collect, use and share feedback from your audience.
At rare occasions, you get a delicious feedback sheet, with meaningful parameters and intuitive design. But most of the time, you either get no feedback, or you have to dig your feedback out of a spread sheet. And even when you do get good feedback, it’s really hard to compare it with other speakers or to use it to monitor you progress over time – because there is no measuring standard.

That’s what we aim to fix!

What if the feedback from every speaking job you ever did, could be stored in one place and compared with speakers across the world? And what if that feedback could be analyzed and shared? That’s what SpeakerScore is about. We offer a dead simple tool with 4 intelligently designed questions for a 360 degree audience feedback on your talk.

Simply follow these steps, to get started now:
  1. Sign up
  2. Add your event
  3. Share the feedback key with your audience (at or after the talk)
  4. Log in and view your scores, comments, photos and more

Your home page displays all new scores in real time

And as you begin to use SpeakerScore on your speaking jobs, you take your scores with you. This means that you can always go back to the last time you gave that speech and see what people said. Or you can share the scores from your last talk on Facebook. But all this is much easier to show, than to tell – Sign up and check it out!

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