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Are you organizing a conference?
By Anders Colding-Jørgensen


Finding the right speakers for your conference is quite a job.
And though you can never predict, how a speaker will work with your audience, you can always measure audience satisfaction and collect comments.

Which of your speakers did the audience like best – and why?

These are important questions for your future conference planning, since they can help you hit your target audience even better next time. When you begin using SpeakerScore regularly, you’ll learn a lot of specifics from the comments and get the bigger picture from the scores. SpeakerScore also offers an insight into a speaker’s performance style, with special badges for e.g. being a “true expert” or an “excellent teacher”.

Get the full picture

With your scoreboards, it’s dead simple to view and understand the feedback. It’s easy to who’s giving a strong performance and who’s not. On the home page, you’ll find a live feed with the latest scores from the audience. Your feed can also contain comments and photos uploaded by the audience.

Prove your own value

When you organize and run a successful conference, you want the scores to back it up. And sharing the scores is easy. You can share them with the world on the internet or simply invite a few people to look at them in private. We want to help you show off!

SpeakerScore is free – and it works fine even if you only try it out for one single event

So why don’t you start getting feedback in a simple, user friendly and useful way? Don’t take our word for it – sign up and try it on your next event.

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