Badges — how the audience sees you
November 30, 2013 By Anders Colding-Jørgensen


Badges are an insight to your public speaking persona.
To supplement the big 4 questions, we let your audience award you with “badges” for special qualities.

The badges are collected and presented to you for analysis.

Badges help pinpoint the way you come across by indicating strong suits and weak spots. If your lecture scored many badges for “Expert” but very few for “Teacher,” it may be a sign that you suffer from “expert syndrome” and need to start improving your teaching skills.

Which qualities do you think you’d get awarded for?

Are you an expert or more of an entertainer? Run a SpeakerScore on your next talk and find out. The badges will also help brand you as a speaker when marketing yourself to conference organizers and booking agents.
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Badges — how the audience sees you
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