SpeakerScore at Conferences — How It Works
August 20, 2014 By The SpeakerScore Team


SpeakerScore is the new standard for public speaking evaluation.
And with the conference module, it’s available to conference organizers as well.

Create your conference

Log into SpeakerScore (it's free!), create your conference and add your talks/speakers. This is done by filling in four fields: Title, start/end date, organizer and address. Then add each talk by filling in two fields: Title and start/end time.

Select a feedback key

You select a suitable feedback key, e.g. "MYKEY".
You get a single feedback-key for the whole conference, but each talk/speaker is still rated individually.

Share the feedback key with your attendees

You announce the feedback key to your attendees: speakerscore.com/MYKEY

Using this key, attendees can use their mobile/tablet/laptop to select which talks/speakers to rate. Note: The feedback form is completely device-independent. No need to download apps or struggle with network requirements. The tool provides the individual attendee an overview of all talks, as well as the option to skip feedback for talks not attended. Feedback is open for 30 days (or until you close it), so you can also email the feedback key to attendees after the conference if you prefer them to rate the talk after the conference.

Your audience rates your speakers using SpeakerScore’s unique standardized feedback system

You don't have to think about which questions to ask — we’ve already compiled the best standard feedback questions for you. All packaged into a easy-to-use one-page form that anyone in the audience can fill out.

Share the feedback with the speakers

You can invite each speaker to view their own scores, comments and images on SpeakerScore.

Just enter their name and email address — the system takes care of the rest.

Analyze the data

Each talk/speaker in your conference is rated with the SpeakerScore system.

Since conference feedback uses the same unique system of measurement as individual feedback, this allows you to directly compare speakers across events.
SpeakerScore at Conferences — How It Works
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