Why is SpeakerScore better?
August 19, 2014 By The SpeakerScore Team


SpeakerScore is a vast improvement over all existing feedback services you may encounter.
Because we started with a thorough understanding of the field of audience feedback, we ended up building something uniquely different: A standardized system of measurement for public speaking.

Why is this better? Because you need to define your metrics to know how you did. Would you reinvent the stop watch every time you took a swim?.

The SpeakerScore team has spent years and a huge amount of effort translating this concept into a very effective and insightful feedback system.
Deceptively simple in appearance, SpeakerScore delivers quality feedback and analytics previously unheard of in the field of public speaking.

Easy for you

Because we have taken care of all the mechanics that go into getting feedback, you just have to enter your conference details, choose a feedback key and then you’re set. And if you are pressed on time: we are ready to help.

Easy for attendees

Your attendees get a single feedback key for the whole conference.
Using this key, they select which talks/speakers to rate.
The tool provides an overview of all talks, as well as the option to skip feedback for talks not attended.

Great for speakers

You can invite each speaker to view their own scores, comments and images on SpeakerScore.
Just enter their name and email address, the system takes care of the rest.
This gives you multiple benefits:
  • The speakers get invited to SpeakerScore and can view their feedback in real-time
  • You can directly compare speaker performance across the conference, and across conferences
  • Speakers already on SpeakerScore can compare their performance at your conference to past performances

Analyse and share results

If your conference was a success, it will be reflected in the scores.
Remember, SpeakerScore is a standard for measurements. A good SpeakerScore is a globally valid token of success.
And SpeakerScore makes it easy to share results that you’re really proud of.
Facebook and Twitter sharing is as easy as clicking a button.
If your conference repeats, you can add a SpeakerScore widget directly on your webpage to let potential attendees know you are serious about listening to audience feedback.

Give it a test run

There’s no need to commit today. Just give it a test run!
Like the rest of SpeakerScore, Conferences are free to use.
Log in to SpeakerScore and hit "Conferences" in the menu.
You will have your test conference set up in minutes and can play around with it as much as you like.
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Why is SpeakerScore better?
SpeakerScore is a vast improvement over all existing feedback services
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