Congratulations to Gus Murray and LBi

During Social Media Week Copenhagen (SMWCPH), SpeakerScore ran the official competition to find the Best Speaker of the week. The winner of the race was Gus Murray from the agency LBi with a SpeakerScore of 91! Get slides!

SpeakerScore Founder Anders Colding-Jorgensen, applaudes Gus, after handing over the price device – a brand new Nokia Lumia 920
Gus and LBi won the competition with their breakfast talk about the Return on Social Media and together with Mads Erhardt from Social Media Week Copenhagen, we visited LBi to hand over a price and pay our respect. The price device was a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 from our competition sponsor, Nokia.

Gus shared the credit with the Social Media team and the people who helped him prepare. We really like that approach, because giving a killer talk is not only about talent, but about preparation and hard work. Finding the most interesting cases, designing the most intuitive models and rehearsing the talk before you deliver it often pays of. As it did for Gus and LBi.

The top 5 list below shows the final results of the race for Best Speaker/Event. There were great talks with only 7-8-9 responses. Many of them would would have been on this list if it wasn’t for the 10+ votes minimum rule.

Top 5 highest rated talks at SMWCPH 2013:
The SpeakerScore for this talk is 91

1. SMW LBi Exploring the Return on Social

Speaker: Gus Murray

The SpeakerScore for this talk is 90

2. Maersk Group is all for Social Media SMW

Speaker: Anna Brun

The SpeakerScore for this talk is 87

3. Sælg på Facebook

Speaker: Thomas Bigum

The SpeakerScore for this talk is 86

4. Crash course in Facebook-psychology

Speaker: Anders Colding-Jørgensen

The SpeakerScore for this talk is 86

5. Power Editor 101 Class

Speaker: Mikael Lemberg


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