How It Works
June 5, 2014 By The SpeakerScore Team



Create your talk - just input date and title

Simply log in to SpeakerScore (it's free!). Now you can add your first talk. You push the big green "Add talk" button and just add a title and choose date and time.

Share the feedback key with your audience

Once you have created your talk you get a "Feedback key". Share this with your audience - you can put it on the last slide of your presentation or any other communication you send out.

Tip: You can change the feedback key to something easy to remember, e.g. something related to your name or the title of your talk.

Your audience rates your performance using SpeakerScores unique standardized feedback system

You don't have to think about which questions to ask - we have already compiled the best standard feedback questions for you. All packaged into a nice, easy-to-use one-page-form that anybody in the audience can fill out.

It is so easy to do that most people use less than one minute (measured over 1000s of responses) to fill out the questionnaire!

Sit back and watch the scores, badges, comments and pictures stream in

Despite the system being very easy to use, you get a surprisingly rich set of feedback data.
You get a precisely calibrated score across the most important aspects of a speaking performance.

But you also get badges, comments (often as valuable as the numbers themselves) and even pictures from your event. works on all your devices

Did we mention that SpeakerScore works everywhere? No need to download software or apps, or worry about layout on different screens. automatically adjust to your device.

Special care has been taken on the feedback form, which is both fast, lightweight and user friendly on virtually every device out there. Do you have an internet connection? - then you can use SpeakerScore.


Every time you give a talk you learn more about your performance profile. Over time you will greatly improve your speaking skills.

Try it now: Take SpeakerScore for a test drive - just enter your email and a password and you are good to go.
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