How do I get the audience to rate my Talk?
May 15, 2014 By Mette McCall


Once you have given your talk, you want your audience to give their feedback. There are two ways to do this:

Remind them at the end of the talk

1) Immediately after you finish your talk, share a ”feedback key” with your audience – for example on your last slide. When creating the evaluation form, you can customize this key so it’s easy to remember. If your talk is about self-driving cars, perhaps your key is ”selfdrivingcars.” After receiving the key, the audience goes to and type the key in the “Type feedback key here” box at the top of the page. We’ve optimized the evaluation forms for mobile users, so your audience can be provide their feedback while your talk is still fresh in their minds, before they even leave the room.

Share the link online

2) You can also share an online link directly to the evaluation of your talk. Maybe you want to reach out to your audience in an email after the talk to encourage them to provide their feedback? A link taking them directly there is a perfect way to do this.You can also customize this; the link to your talk about self-driving cars could be
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How do I get the audience to rate my Talk?
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