How to share scores
May 17, 2014 By Mette McCall


SpeakerScore will never share your scores with anyone, unless you actively requests it. There are several ways to share your scores with the world.

Use the share page

Go to the talk you want to share, select Scores, then select “Share results” by your scores.

Our share pages are a single point to share your scores, slides, video and social media links from your talk.

Share your slides after the talk – or show the video that was shot at the live event. You can embed YouTube videos or Slideshare URLs directly on your event share page.

Put a widget on your website or blog

You can also go to your profile and create a small widget to embed on your website or blog:

The live widgets show the results of the audience feedback and are updated as the talks receive scores. Below is a live widget from the talk SpeakeScore founder, Anders Colding, gave at Social Media Week 2014. The little paper clip shows that there is content to be downloaded. In this case, it’s the slides from the talk.

The widget is linked to the public share page for the talk. There are 5 other widgets to choose from. Find them by logging on to your account, selecting a rated event and clicking the tab in the menu that will appear as each talk receives votes. See below:

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