The teacher:
"Every public speaking teacher should use SpeakerScore"

June 27, 2014 By Mette McCall


Kenia Brown, a Fundamentals of Speech instructor at Miami Dade College, Miami Florida, uses SpeakerScore to provide students the opportunity to qualitatively evaluate peers on public speaking assignments.
So far, around 80 students have received feedback on SpeakerScore specific to persuasive and corporate speech delivery. According to Instructor Brown, “SpeakerScore is ridiculously simple to use and valuable in providing speech delivery feedback.”

Why did you start using SpeakerScore?

One day, I was thinking to myself; “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool out there that could automate public speaking scores in real time?” I started googling the search terms and SpeakerScore just came right up. I couldn’t believe it! SpeakerScore was exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Now, it’s not just me grading the student performances, but the whole class that provides feedback immediately after the presentation. The feedback is so valuable for analyzing speech delivery qualities like vocal aspects and body movement. The feedback is real time—which is incredible. Telling a student, “90% of the class thought you did great” is much more meaningful because peer evaluation is significant in the learning model. I also like SpeakerScore because listening to speeches can be largely subjective. A student might present and think “I did my best and my best was great! Perhaps the teacher does not like me.” Now, the evaluation process is not just my thoughts/rubric as the instructor but also the thoughts of the audience. I think the feedback value is increased because students are participants in the evaluative process. Additionally, the ability to integrate real time student interactivity in the evaluation process is wonderfully scientific.

My students keep asking me, Wow! How did you find this?

I think every public speaking teacher should use SpeakerScore in their classroom.

What do you think of the user experience?

I love it. There’s literally no learning curve. Unfortunately, I am quite impatient so the usability of SpeakerScore is perfect for me. Cumbersome tutorials with the students were not necessary prior to using SpeakerScore the first time. Students are very tech savvy so I literally project the website on the screen, navigate through the sign-in process, schedule a speech, indicate the Feedback Key and we are ready! SpeakerScore is well organized and the new design is fresh and clean. I love the font size and the color scheme. After every speech students provide feedback and the process takes less than 3 minutes including rating and providing written feedback!

What insights has the tool given you?

In the classroom, we discuss interpersonal communication and the somewhat societal decline of face to face communication and interpersonal skills due to our reliance on technology, specifically cell phones and social media. Cell phones are only permitted in class during the SpeakerScore evaluation process. It was very easy to motivate students to use SpeakerScore on a mobile platform as an active part of class curriculum.

I am fascinated with the relationship between technology, anonymity and positive and negative feedback. I have utilized the tool in class and as an out of class assignment. Interestingly, when we used SpeakerScore anonymously the feedback was more positive and comments were quite general, for example, “I liked your speech” or “Good speech.” I think because the anonymity is not pure. Everyone knows someone in the class provided feedback.

Additionally, I think SpeakerScore reinforces the idea we need accolades and the significance of feedback and affirmation on our self-esteem. Students are eager to check their scores and read the written feedback.

Did anything in using SpeakerScore surprise you?

I was surprised to learn how many public speakers that are still NOT using SpeakerScore and are not aware of the tool.

For example, my students are encouraged to attend Toastmaster (public speaking club) events. Toasmaster relies heavily on feedback and monitoring during each meeting. Students told me they thought SpeakerScore would be a great tool for Toastmaster. I was surprised and proud they made the connection. Also, I was surprised TedTalks does not include SpeakerScore as a web based integration within each speaker’s video. Whether it is a high profile speaker reaching a mass audience or classroom speech assignments, SpeakerScore is an incredibly helpful tool to obtain insights to speech delivery performance.
The world record holder:
"There's always room for improvement"

July 14, 2014 - By Mette McCall
The teacher:
"Every public speaking teacher should use SpeakerScore"

June 27, 2014 - By Mette McCall
The sales trainer:
"I always open my pitch by referring to my SpeakerScore"

March 20, 2014 - By Mette McCall

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