New version out!
March 19, 2013 By The SpeakerScore Team


We’re constantly adding new stuff. This time we did a rather substantial redesign of the speaker system, making it much easier to add one or several speakers to one event.
Another great thing we started is the analytics part. It still has a long way to go before it’s perfect, but we have started with the basics. Take a look at the headlines below or log in, to see what your analytics (or new badge design) looks like.

Add more speakers!

Many of you found it non-intuitive to add more speakers to an event. We took this all the way and totally redesigned the speaker part with it’s own box.

Export to Excel

Want to work with feedback outside SpeakerScore? Export your scores and include them in reports etc.

Basic analytics

Get overview over what, when and from with platform your audience voted with our basic analytics section, added on each event’s scoreboard. We are constantly thinking of new and even more interesting ways to enrich your data – but it’s really going to be your input that guides the further development of the analytics part.

Sharper badge counter layout

Several users told us that the number of badges was simply not as easy to read as the rest of the scores, so we have redesigned it from the top version (on the image left) to the new version in the bottom.

We are listening

We’d really love to hear from you. What types of new tools would you like as a public speaker or organizer? What is unclear about the current stuff? Catch us here: Contact Us
NEW: MailChimp integration!
Now there is another good reason to rate your talks.
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