The Big 4
November 30, 2013 By Anders Colding-Jørgensen


We’ve boiled the feedback process down to four universal evaluation parameters applicable in any talk. These are the questions the audience rates on a scale from 0-100.

1. Expectations — Did you deliver?

“Expectations” measures how you fulfill your “contract” with the audience. Did people get what they came for? If the expectations in your contract are not met, the audience will not be satisfied — regardless of how fantastic your talk was. More insights in this article: “Even the funniest comedian will flop at a funeral“

2. Interesting — Was it stimulating to be in the room?

“Interesting” is the parameter measuring the internal quality of your talk. How did it feel to be there? Did you engage the audience or did they start checking emails on their phone?

3. Valuable — Was there a takeaway?

“Valuable” indicates what people take away from the talk. How did you enrich them? What did they learn? If your talk was not valuable, it was either a waste of people’s time — or purely an entertainment experience.

4. Presentation — Did you communicate?

“Presentation” measures the communication style, the body language and charisma of the speaker. It also measures the slides and the audio/visual tools used to purvey the message.

The big 4 sums up to a total SpeakerScore.

We recommend that you get at least 10 evaluations of each talk in order to make your SpeakerScore statistically sound. Don’t emphasize each individual evaluation, even phenomenal speakers score within the 0-40 interval from time to time.

If you receive more than 10 evaluations on your talk, use this guide line:
- Competent speakers usually score within the 60-85 interval.
- If you achieve a score above 80, it’s great.
- If you achieve a score above 85, it’s superb.
- If you achieve a score above 90, it’s world class.

If your score falls below 60, it’s an indicator of something not quite working out the way you intended. If this is the case, take a closer look at the different parameter scores, see if you can find a pattern – perhaps you consistently scored low on “Interesting” even though your “Value” parameter was above average. Could be a sign you need to develop new ways of keeping the audience’s attention.

To supplement the big 4 questions, we let your audience award you with “badges” for special qualities. They give you a really strong insight into your style and strongest sides.
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